Author's Purpose

1.    Authors write various pieces for many different reasons.  They make write to entertain, give information, give directions, or persuade.  Take the online quiz to find author's purpose. 

Reading Comprehension:How to Use The Title of a Book to Predict Content


2.  What's Bugging Jessie?  Read the following story and find out the purpose for this story.  Check the answer key when finished.


3.  Find out how much you know about author's purpose.  Take the online quiz and print your post test. 

Author's Purpose and Point of View Post Test


4.  Have you ever had an adventure  Read the following stories.   Find the author's purpose.  P.S.  Make sure you have the volume turned up to listen to the neat sounds. 

Adventure at Sea     Mission Fishing      A Scary Night    Barky and the Burglar