Civil War Activities




In the following activities you will be taken back to the time of the American Civil War.  It is a time when the states in America were fighting about whether each State could have the right to allow slavery. 




Map Activity


By 1861, the United States was divided into Northern States and Southern States. The Northern States thought the people should not own slaves and the Southern States thought the people could own slaves.  Look at the map and color the Union states blue and the Confederate states should be colored red.  Your teacher will give you a copy of the map to use.  Also you will use the following website to help you find the Union and Confederate states.







Timeline Activity


Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States during the Civil War.  Write down these key dates of President Lincoln’s life:  1809, 1842, 1861, 1863, 1864, and 1865.  Use the website to find out what happened to President Lincoln

on those dates and write it next to those dates.  Go to the timeline program and create a timeline for President Lincoln.


Information website:




Timeline website:




Underground Railroad


Many slaves were able to escape to freedom by following the Underground Railroad.  Go to this site  and click on both choices…..follow Harriet Tubman or try another journey.  When you have completed your journey, write down 2 or more sentences on your experiences. 





Underground Railway site:





Drawing Activity


Look at this site to find example of both the Union and Confederate army uniforms.  Draw soldiers from each army.


Website :