Context Clues


Text book writers usually know when they must use a word that will be new to their student readers. So they often include other words or phrases to help with the understanding of the new word. These words or phrases are referred to as context clues. They are built into the sentences around the difficult word.

1.  Use context clues to find the meanings of these words. 

Context Clues

2,  Take the online quiz to find out how well you know the meanings of these words.

Words-In-Context 2

3.  See if you can place the cows in the right position using context clues.


4.  Take the pretest and see how much you know about context clues.


5.  See how well you can write definitions of the following words using context clues.  Check your answers when you are finished.

Using Context Clues

6.  Take the online quiz using context clues.

Quia - Context Clues