Fact or Opinion


A fact is something that can be proven.  It contains knowledge that is based on real occurrences. 

 For example:  Abe Lincoln was the 13th President of the United States.

An opinion is a belief or conclusion that can be proven.  It usually tells how someone feels or what someone thinks.

For example:  I think the leaves are the prettiest in the fall of the year. 

Here are the following activities that you will need to complete:

1.  Read the story on Ulysses S. Grant and fill out an graphic organizer on fact and opinion.  CivilWar.com


2.  Play the game of Jeopardy and test your fact and opinion knowledge.  When you are finished, write 2 facts and and 2 opinions for each fact.   When you get to this site, open the file and open the activity.  Good Luck!!!



3.  Lewis and Clark were important  men in South Dakota's history.  Read the story of Lewis and Clark and their adventures.  Then fill out the graphic organizer on fact and opinion.  http://www.sd4history.org/Unit2/lclesson1.htm


4.  Read the story of the Iditarod that takes place in Alaska.  Then fill out the graphic organizer on fact and opinion. 

Scholastic.com | Iditarod


5.  Find out whether the statement is a fact or an opinion.

Fact or Opinion Quiz


6.  Here's another fact and opinion quiz.  You will become experts on fact and opinion soon!!

Quia - Comprehension: FACT OR OPINION? GAME #1 (QUIZ)

7.  Martin Luther King, Jr.  was very important person during the Civil Right Movement.  Print out the following page and answer the questions about fact and opinion.

 Martin Luther King Jr.: Fact or Opinion?


8.  Read these short stories and find the facts and opinions.  Have fun!!

Reading Comprehension:Fact or Opinion?